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Terms of Sale


Order Enquiries

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or call us toll free at 1-800-207-1010.


If you are ordering from outside the contiguous 48 states please send an email to our customer service representative to go over shipping and billing details.

Within the contiguous 48 states, the Marquee Edition has a shipping and handling charge of $200. The Classic Edition has a shipping and handling charge of $35.

Sales Tax

California residents will be charged sales tax on every order.

Payment Methods

There will be a hold on your credit card/debit card for the amount of the order at the time the order is placed. The hold on your card will be removed and your card will be charged at the time the package ships. For prepaid card payments, funds are deducted from your card and placed on hold at the time the order is placed. A positive balance must be kept in the account until the order ships at which time your card will be charged.


All sales are final.

Our contact details

Baseball Opus LLC
2000 Avenue of the Stars 9th Floor South
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: 310-246-3641

Opus Media Group is registered in Jersey under company number 103152.


Epic Iconic Opus